Professional Asphalt Milling

is the process of removing at part of the asphalt surface or the complete surface of a asphalt area such as a roadway , pathway or parking lot .  Milling removes anywhere from just enough pavement to level and smooth current surface or provide full depth removal. There are a number of different reasons for milling a paved area instead of simply repaving over the existing surface. 



The benefits of asphalt milling 

Asphalt milling is highly beneficial to the consumer especially when they’re sub base in Asphalt binder is in excellent condition. 

With an on-site consultation MDH Asphalt Paving can determine whether your payment failure is based on oxidation in top down deterioration or you have an underlying problem which would require full depth milling and paving

A lot of times companies will miss lead the consumer on the condition of their paved surface . Depending on your surface condition asphalt milling and resurfacing could save you thousands and thousands of dollars versus traditional remove and replacement of pavement  Asphalt Paving an Asphalt milling specializes in all types of Asphalt Paving in milling. If you were considering repaving your parking lot or roadway contact MDH Asphalt Paving today for a free on-site consultation and evaluation. 

Full depth asphalt milling

MDH Asphalt Paving and milling has specialized equipment to completely remove your asphalt surface Faster than conventional methods which cost  time and money. If your parking lot  or roadway is too far deteriorated for surface milling and paving MDH Asphalt can provide you with a full depth asphalt removal and paving service saving you lots of money 

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