Why choose asphalt 
Asphalt paving in Massachusetts is a popular alternative over concrete due to its durability and flexibility. Additionally, it is highly cost effective . Asphalt is also 100% recyclable being used in new asphalt mix designs as well as being recycled and used as sub base prior to asphalt installation 
Asphalt Driveways are oftentimes one of the most overlooked areas of home construction and maintenance, although one of the first aesthetic components of your home (your curb appeal) 
The material used for your driveway can have a significant impact on its lifespan making sure your paving contractor provides and install the materials on your asphalt driveways is very important. There are many factors to consider when choosing which type of material to use when laying a residential stone driveway or a asphalt driveway .  it’s always important to have a onsite consultation and evaluation .a asphalt specialist can help factor in information that will help you make the 
 decision include:
Job costs 
appearance and design 
What type of usage (light motor vehicles or recreational vehicles and or trailers 
Gravel, stone  and shell  Driveways
Gravel , stone and shells are common surface material for driveways on cape cod and throughout Massachusetts The crushed stone or shells  used in many applications can be easy to maintain . Installation of a gravel driveway should be conducted by an experienced grader operator to minimize ongoing maintenance due to erosion  pros & cons:
1. Easy on your budget.
2. Quick installation. 
1. snow removal disturbs stone shell or gravel driveway . One major con to choosing a gravel driveway surface especially living in Massachusetts 
2. Ruts, mud and ponding of water may form in the driveway . Gravel driveways that have a high level of usage may be prone to failure 
4. It can be dirty. Gravel and shell driveways often track unwonted sand and debris into your home 
Asphalt Driveways
asphalt is an economical driveway surface choice, although price may fluctuate due to the material being petroleum based , at a lower cost then a concrete driveway . because asphalt is a petroleum product, it is flexible which makes it less susceptible to fluctuating Cape cod temperatures and climate conditions witch drastically change day to day In New England especially Massachusetts
1. Cost effective and adds great curb appeal to your home 
3. Asphalt driveways typically cost $3- $6 per sq foot to install pricing can vary depending on the scope of work needed to provide a high quality asphalt driveways 
4. Long lifespan. With proper maintenance (seal coating and crack repairs if needed , an asphalt driveway will last anywhere from 10 – 35 years depending on installation ( asphalt resurfacing vs full depth asphalt pavement removal and replacement of pavement

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